Getting Started
by Aethix

I've finally uploaded my first comic. It isn't too ambitious, in terms of artwork. This is probably a good thing, considering how the art turned out. It's amazing how much the quality of anything you draw decreases the second time you look at it. Oddly enough, the only thing that looks properly shaded in this, the final product, are Jack's pant legs, which looked horribly overshaded when I was drawing them. These are the sorts of mistakes one learns from, and you should expect a better-drawn comic come next Tuesday. Look forward to it! After I get better at drawing, streamline my process, and build up a decent strip buffer, I'll start updating every Friday as well as Tuesday. But before that happens, I think I need to focus on making the comic look more presentable. I know the quality of my work isn't the best at the moment, but I'm definitely going to improve. Look forward to seeing the best work I can produce in the future!